Welcome to the 2018 Willow Run 2-Man Match Play

2018 Rules


  • League will consist of 28 two-man teams (total of 56 players)
  • Players from previous year will have first preference
  • League starts Wednesday, May 2nd and ends Wednesday, August 22nd
    • Playoffs will follow the regular season starting of September 5th and concluding on September 19th
  • Competition: Individual 9-hole match play
    • Points awarded per hole: 1 point for win / .5 point per tie / 0 points for a loss
    • Points awareded per match: 1 point for win / .5 point per tie / 0 points for a loss
      • Total Points: 20
  • Handicaps: All players, including subs, must have a USGA handicap.
    • Any player or sub without a USGA handicap will play match at a 0 handicap.
    • Players will get 80% of your handicap to calculate strokes awarded to individual matches.
    • Low handicap player (from the match) will play at a 0. His opponent will play at the difference from his opponents handicap.
    • Maximum handicap index 27.0
  • Tees:
    • All players will play from the BLUE tees
      • Over the age of 80 can play from the WHITE tees
  • Rain-outs:
    • Rounds will not be made up.
  • Subs: All teams are responsible for finding a sub.
    • Pro shop will have a list of subs.
    • All non-member subs will pay green fees and cart fees, if riding.
    • If a team cannot play they forfeit the match and receive 0 points.


Entry Fees: $100.00

  • Includes: USGA Handicap and prizes.
  • All fees must be paid by start date.